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Smart thermostats are a great way to help you manage the temperature in your home and reduce your heating bills. You’re able to control your thermostat whilst you’re on the move by using an app on your phone or tablet. Meaning you’ve got full control over when your heating in an easy and intuitive form.

Here at MLT Plumbing & Heating, we’re proud to supply and install smart thermostats from two industry-leading brands – Nest and Ideal.

What are Smart Thermostats?

Traditional thermostats allow you to adjust the warmth of your home, typically through a dial or control pad that’s mounted to a wall. A smart thermostat also offers this functionality. Though unlike traditional thermostats, they give you the opportunity to control your home’s heating based on a wide range of factors. This can be anything from the time of day, the weather to how many people are in your home. This can all be controlled using an app on your mobile device.

Smart thermostats also give you the opportunity to view your energy consumption so that you can keep track of how much energy you’re using and establish how you can adjust your requirements accordingly.

Nest Smart Thermostats

As Nest Pro installers, we fit dozens of Nest thermostats each year. Simple to use, stylish and intuitive, this smart thermostat can help you to save up to 16% on your energy bills each year. The thermostat learns from your habits and home so it only uses the energy it needs. For example, it’ll get to know the temperature you like when you’re at home and adjusts in accordance to how your home heats up and how draughty it is. It’s even intelligent enough to turn itself down when you’re away from home.

You can access a daily energy report to see how much energy you’ve used, as well as a monthly run-down. This means you can identify when your consumption increases and learn how to use less. The Nest also comes with a hot water schedule, so you can turn off or boost your hot water as and when you need to.

Sleek, modern and beautifully designed, the Nest thermostat has a feature called ‘Farsight’, which is a big and bright display that can be read from a distance. Showing you the time, temperature or weather, the display lights up when you walk into the room. It also comes with the choice of an analogue or digital clockface in the display.

As the Nest thermostat is a Google product, you can connect your thermostat to your Google Home device, video doorbell or security cameras and operate the controls through simple voice commands, such as “Ok Google, set the temperature to 21 degrees.”

Worcester Bosch Smart Thermostats

We can install a range of programmable smart thermostats from Worcester Bosch, the UK’s leading boiler manufacturer. Designed to help you save money on your heating bills and boost your system’s overall performance, these heating controls are a great addition to any home.

The Wave is the first of a new generation of smart heating controls and is operated via your mobile phone or tablet. With innovative programming, the Wave ‘talks’ to your boiler to adapt to your heating requirements.

The EasyControl is simple to use and easy to manage. This system can be managed on your phone, tablet or Amazon Alexa device to help you adjust your heating and hot water requirements from home or on the move.

What’s more, a smart thermostat from Worcester Bosch comes with a 12-year guarantee if it’s installed alongside one of their boilers.

To find out more about the smart thermostats we can install, to arrange an installation appointment or get a quote, please contact us on 07446 913226.

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