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Choosing Your New Boiler

If you’re replacing your existing boiler or modernising your entire heating system, deciding on which boiler to choose can be a tricky task! With so many different criteria to consider and plenty of options available, the prospect of picking the right type of boiler can feel a bit overwhelming.

However, this doesn’t need to be a difficult job! Here at MLT Plumbing & Heating, we’re on hand to recommend the best boiler for your home and needs, helping you to weigh up the pros and cons of each type.

Read on to learn more about which boiler is best for you!

Boiler Types –  What You Need to Consider

When it comes to choosing which boiler is most suitable for your property and your lifestyle needs, you should consider the following criteria:

The number of people who live in the property – this is important, as if you choose a boiler that’s too small, it won’t be able to cope with your heating and hot water demands. If your boiler’s too big, then it’ll produce more energy than you need. This means your energy bills will rise and your carbon footprint will increase.

Your available space – if you live in a compact property or storage space is really at a premium, you should think carefully about the kind of boiler system you choose.

The size of your home – the kind of new boiler you choose has to effectively work with your home. If you’ve got a large house, spread out over multiple levels and with several bathrooms, you’re going to need a larger and more powerful boiler than someone residing in a one bed, one bath apartment.

Your existing system – it’s important to consider whether you want to retain the existing system in your property. For cost and practicality reasons, it’s often best to retain the same boiler system, but if you’re keen to completely overhaul the system, bear in mind that you may need to move the boiler or lose some of your storage space to accommodate storage tanks.

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Combi Boilers

One of the most popular types of boiler in the UK, the combi boiler delivers both central heating and on-demand hot water, all from one compact unit.

This type of boiler draws water from the mains supply and also heats water directly when you turn a tap on, instead of heating it and then storing it in a cylinder.

Available in gas, oil or LPG formats, this type of boiler suits the majority of homes, as it’s highly efficient and space saving. Because there’s no need for a separate tank or water cylinder with this kind of boiler, they’re a fantastic option for homes with limited space. Combination boilers are highly efficient and economical too, which could help you to make great savings on your energy bills each year!

Here at MLT, we can install combination boilers in a range of sizes and outputs to suit a wide variety of properties and requirements.

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System Boilers

System boilers are a great choice for homes with a bigger than average demand for hot water (such as large family homes, student houses or properties with more than one bathroom).

This kind of boiler sends heat directly to your radiators and stores hot water in a cylinder, ready for when you need to use it. System boilers are designed to provide a constant hot water supply to multiple taps, so if you need to run a bath whilst someone’s doing the dishes, you can generally run both taps at the same time with no interruption to your supply.

System boilers are designed to take up less space in the home than a conventional boiler, because there’s no need for a separate cold-water storage tank. They’re generally quick and easy to install, so if time is of the essence, this is a great option for you.

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Regular Boilers

Regular or conventional boilers are a classic style of boiler and are often found in older properties, or homes with more traditional heating systems.

This kind of boiler requires a cold-water storage tank (a large tank of water, often found in the loft) to supply it with cold water from the mains supply. This water is then fed down into the boiler which then ignites and uses a heat exchanger to warm up the water. The heated water is then pumped into a hot water cylinder (typically found in an airing cupboard) and stored until you turn on your heating, shower or taps.

As regular boilers require quite a bit of additional space to accommodate the cold-water storage and hot water cylinder, they’re best suited to larger properties or homes where space isn’t of a premium. This type of boiler can cope with high demands for heating and hot water and many varieties are compatible with solar or thermal panels.

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